The Earthworks

On the eve of the activation of the Large Hadron Collider, two strangers - a journalist and a scientist - share their experiences of loss and hope in a funny but deeply touching one-act play.

First performed at The Other Place, Stratford-upon-Avon, as part of the Mischief Festival, 24th May to June 17th 2017. Royal Shakespeare Company, dir: Erica Whyman.


1939: fascism spreads across Europe, Franco marches on Barcelona and two German chemists discover the processes of atomic fission. In Berkeley, California, theoretical physicists recognise the horrendous potential of this new science: a weapon that draws its power from the very building blocks of the universe. The ambitious and charismatic J Robert Oppenheimer finds himself uniquely placed to spearhead the largest scientific undertaking in all of human history.

Struggling to cast off his radical past and thrust into a position of power and authority, Oppenheimer races to win the 'battle of the laboratories' and create a weapon so devastating that, with the detonation of a single device, it would bring about an end not just to the Second World War but to all war.

As the political situation darkens, Tom Morton-Smith's new play takes us into the heart of the Manhattan Project and explores the tension between the scientific advances that will shape our understanding of the fabric of the universe, and the justification of their use during wartime, revealing the personal cost of making history.

First performed at the Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, 15th January to March 7th 2015, before transferring to the Vaudeville Theatre, London, March 27th to May 23rd 2015. Royal Shakespeare Company, dir: Angus Jackson.

In Doggerland

A coastline erodes, a house falls into the sea. A mysterious brother and sister arrive looking for answers. Marnie clings to her camera, taking photographs of strangers and places. She has come to say goodbye to a life she never knew whilst her brother Linus is keen to make a fresh start. But when they find Simon and daughter Kelly, reeling in the wake of tragedy, all four lives are to become inextricably linked under the weight of the past. A funny and heartfelt new play about lives lived on shifting sands, In Doggerland is a searching examination of love, family and identity.

First performed at Theatre 503, London, as part of LabFest, 13th June 2011. Box of Tricks, dir: Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder. National tour beginning at The Lowry, Manchester, 7th November 2013. Box of Tricks, dir: Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder.

The Chamber of Curiosities

The Easterbrook Museum was founded in 1876 by Charlton Ambrose Easterbrook. Having inherited his father's sugar business, Easterbrook opened his private collection of curios and ephemera to the public. Successive generations have expanded the collection and the museum has grown to become one of the foremost privately owned collections of curious artefacts in the country. Here we present a small selection of our many items to amaze and dazzle you. Join chief curator Lydia Easterbrook in the faraway forest as she guides you through the astounding stories that surround her family's collection.

First performed at the Latitude Arts Festival, Suffolk, 19th July 2013. Francesca Moody, dir: Thomas Hescott.

Everyday Maps for Everyday Use

Second Place in the PapaTango New Writing Festival 2012.

Maggie has found a warm patch of ground on Horsell Common. She believes something is buried in the dirt. This is the site of the Martian invasion in H G Wells' The War of the Worlds and she sneaks out of the house in the dead of night and dances on the warm spot. Here she meets Behrooz, an amateur astronomer who spends his nights mapping the surface of Mars. A stunning new play about fantasy and sexuality, and about the blurry and indistinct lines between reality and desire.

First performed at the Finborough Theatre, London, 5th December 2012. PapaTango, dir: Beckie Mills.


A darkly humorous tale of country-pubs, car accidents and the impacts and collisions of finding love. Martin makes his money providing black-market meat to local pubs and restaurants, hunting deer on the Ashdown forest with his 4x4. He is drawn to the enigmatic figure of Robyn, a waitress who has never truly been close to anybody. 

Presented at Lindfield Arts Festival, West Sussex, 15th May 2010. Yellowtale, dir: Robin Belfield. Premiered at the Hawth, Crawley, 4th June 2010. Yellowtale, dir: Robin Belfield. Transferred to Theatre 503, London, 7th June 2010. Yellowtale, dir: Robin Belfield.

Sarah Jane Wolverson as Robyn in Venison. Photo by Robin Belfield.

Sarah Jane Wolverson as Robyn in Venison. Photo by Robin Belfield.


A collaboration with composer Jon Nicholls.

Half documentary, half drama, Blunderbuss delves into the fallout of school shootings, how they are reported and how they go on to inspire others. 

First performed The Theatre, Chipping Norton as part of Play Festival, 11th July 2009. Fresh Glory, dir: Anna Tolputt. Transferred to the Latitude Arts Festival, Suffolk, 18th July 2009. Fresh Glory, dir: Anna Tolputt.


Professor Raymond Palmer, a specialist in quantum theory, has disappeared. Those closest to him become subjects in a scientific investigation into his mysterious absence. Last seen at Latitude Festival 2008, Uncertainty examines how science helps us explain the unexplainable. 

First performed at Arts Theatre, London, 14th July 2008. Sincera Productions, dir: John Terry. Transferred to the Latitude Arts Festival, Suffolk, 18th July 2008. Sincera Productions, dir: John Terry.

Re-staged at UEA Studio, Norwich, as part of UEA's 50th Anniversary Festival, 28th September 2013. UEA Drama Department / UEA Drama Society, dir: Rob Henderson.

The company of Uncertainty. Photo by Tom Morton-Smith.

The company of Uncertainty. Photo by Tom Morton-Smith.

The Hygiene Hypothesis

A look at a very modern malady; allergy. Taking the viewpoints of a doctor, a mother, a sufferer and a man who believes he has the cure for all immunological conditions, THE HYGIENE HYPOTHESIS is a thought-provoking, touching and often hilarious look at asthma, allergy and anaphylaxis.

First performed at Theatre 503, London, 1st July 2007. Sincera Productions, dir: John Terry. Transferred to the Latitude Arts Festival, Suffolk, 14th July 2007. Sincera Productions, dir: John Terry.

Salt Meets Wound

Dylan Singer needs to leave London. With his alcoholic ex-fiancée he heads to Central Asia, to research the book he's always dreamt of writing. But it's 2002, the height of the War on Terror, and Uzbekistan isn't the belly-dancing opium den they have been led to believe. From 11th Century Samarkand, through the Great Fire of London, to a disused weapons facility in the remotest place on earth, Salt Meets Wound is an epic odyssey spanning a thousand years.

First performed at Theatre503, London, 8th May 2007. Theatre503, dir: Paul Robinson.

Short Plays

Selected short plays: Of Being Alone in a Forest (The Miniaturists, 2016), Oscilloscopes (HighTide / Invertigo, 2013), Short Plays by Tom Morton-Smith (Soho Theatre, 2013), Blue (Soho Theatre / Blast Off!, 2012), The Earthworks (Arcola / The Miniaturists, 2012), Abandonment (RichMix / SoundBites, 2012), Dog Faced Boy (Latitude Festival / Playlist, 2011), Foreground (Latitude Festival / Playlist / Theatre503, 2010), Lightly Fry the Green Turtle (Liverpool Everyman / Paines Plough, 2008), Puffins (Nabokov / Present:Tense, 2008), Origins (DryWrite / Hampstead Theatre, 2007), 12 Metres from the Seabed (350 from the Shore) (Paines Plough / Shakespeare's Globe, 2007), Rodeo (Royal Court Theatre, 2006).