Everyday Maps for Everyday Use

Second Place in the PapaTango New Writing Festival 2012.

Maggie has found a warm patch of ground on Horsell Common. She believes something is buried in the dirt. This is the site of the Martian invasion in H G Wells' The War of the Worlds and she sneaks out of the house in the dead of night and dances on the warm spot. Here she meets Behrooz, an amateur astronomer who spends his nights mapping the surface of Mars. A stunning new play about fantasy and sexuality, and about the blurry and indistinct lines between reality and desire.

First performed at the Finborough Theatre, London, 5th December 2012. PapaTango, dir: Beckie Mills.

. . . an evening of ebullience with moments of wonder . . . it contains moments of exemplary writing - at the level of the sentence, character, plot and in terms of relationships. There are a selection of monologues that are almost uniformly outstanding: raw, nimble and devastating.
— A Younger Theatre